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Add More Magic To Your Special Day

Do you want to add even more magic to your special day?....


JoshsMagic understand that some of your guest's may be meeting for the very first time, and nobody wants to stand around feeling awkward do they?!

We can provide short periods of close up magic, to help break the ice and get your guest's talking.This is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun.

We generally do this inbetween meals, while photographs are being taken or at the start of the reception, but we can easilly talk with you and see what would work best.

During your evening reception, we can provide a 45 minute stage show, with tricks and illusions which will blow your minds.

Our shows include fire eating and razor blades and we guarentee your guests will be dazzled and amazed.

The show is fully interactive and we will fully engage with our audience and even invite some onto stage.You may even find your father in law is a great bender....a spoon bender that is!

We can also provide, at no extra cost, entertainment for younger guests.So if you don't want to be interupted whilst making a speech, send the mini magicians over to us!

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