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Children's Parties

Full Of Magic And Mayhem

JoshsMagic only  books two time-slots  a day!

so don't delay and book today

as spaces are limited!

Why not have a  after school booking and save 

£50 off   the 2 hour magic and mayhem party

JoshsMagic provides 45 min- 1 hour shows for children of all ages. I start off with teaching the children simple magical words such as “abbra cadabbra” which we then use throughout the show. I tell the children a short story about the circus which incorporates all of the magic phrases they need to remember.

Then it’s on to some magical tricks. I bake magical birthday cakes, using real ingredients, which can get quite messy but is lots of fun; there is also a flag trick which includes a dance routine all of the children can get involved with. Other tricks include magical colouring pictures, the drink in the shoe trick (which is used on a parent, but the children find this hilarious Don't wear a pair of your favourite never know what might happen to them! ) and the magic straw trick.

Including mind boggling tricks that all of the family will enjoy. The cost of this show is £150.


My 2 hour magic mayhem children’s show is the most requested by parents.

so after the magic show  I would take a break to reset for the second half of the show whlist the children grab some food to regain their energy, 

After its time to present the cake in the performance area then I then grab all of the children in for a magical selfie with me, which also offers parents the opportunity to get a photo of everyone together, say cheese!!

whilst the cake is being cut its time for some party games and dancing. I play games such as musical opposites     and pick a side.

After working on holiday parks for many years the party dances I use are all well-known and provide the opportunity for anyone in the room to take part.

And last but not least…we finish off with a crazy party dance that the parents are involved in too.

at the end of the party every child gets a packet of sweets and a free magic trick

The cost of this package is £250.

If  you would like FREE party invitations, Please Click Here

JoshsMagic also provides prizes   and also a Birthday present for the birthday child at no extra charge. 

(all free with a purchase of a show)

Magic wand kits, which are great ideas for party bags, are also available to buy at an additional price-please enquire for more details.

We provide our customer's with the opportunity to tailor a party to exactly what they want.We have no restrictions on the number of children we perform too, but would need to know in advance if the number exceeds 50.

JoshsMagic have been fully DBS checked.Documents can be provided.

Please note: Deposits of £50  are taken  when booking .This comes off the overall price.The remaining balance of the party is to be paid 7 days prior to your party.

Children's  show the price for this dose not determine the amount of children or venue of the party

for offers and promotional codes please like are Facebook page  (offers only excepted at time of booking)

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