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Terms and conditions

This is a generic terms and conditions to cover all of JoshsMagic shows (From children’s magic to stage show)


 All booking forms are to be completed and returned within 24 hours of receiving this  booking fourm with the £50 deposit that can be payed by BASC, or card payment over the phone and Cheques can be made only by paying the balance in full you will need to add the accountholders name and address on the back of the cheque.

If the invoice for the £50 deposit is not payed within the 24hours your provisional booking will be canceled and will need to be rebooked

please note all invoices are due 7 days prior to any show JoshsMagic performs at. If the balance is not settled JoshsMagic will not turn up to the booking unless an agreement to pay has been made

please be aware that JoshsMagic need 30mins to set up prior to the event commencing and also 30mins after the event has finished to pack away (so please bare that in mind when hiring your venue)

 Please ensure at least one adult is present the whole time of the party, and if there are any naughty or disruptive children, it is the designated adult’s responsibility to ensure they do not spoil the party for the others

 For safety reasons, during the time JoshsMagic is entertaining the guests please ensure that the party area is kept clear of food, drink, pets and clutter. JoshsMagic will not be held responsible for any injuries or damage which may occur due to poor preparation of party premises.

 The adults obviously enjoy talking to each other, but occasionally the background noise can spoil a party as the Guests can’t hear properly. Please be aware of this and if possible try to place seating for parents near the back of the room.

If there is a bouncy castle at the event please make sure it is turned off during the magic show as it causes a distraction to both myself and to the children

If there is a bouncy castle at the event please make sure it is turned off during the magic show as it causes a distraction to both myself and to the children, also when there is extreme temperatures please turn off the bouncy castle as they can pop!

please note if you purchase a show with modelling balloons it is one balloon animal per child as they can get damaged if they are not looked after

please be aware if you have won a competition  , the prize is only given for  the soul use of the winner as the voucher has no cash value the prizes are for single party only   unless the children are siblings  as the vouches are only for one prize not to be split  

 for safety reasons JoshsMagic does not give balloons/sweets to children under 3 years old

 To help your Event run smoothly, please refrain from giving balloons to children prior to the entertainment, as young children have a very short attention span and are easily distracted (and sometimes they cry if they burst!).

 Please be aware that the timing of the magic show dose depend on the children if they start to become distracted the show will be reduced in time but all the material will still be covered

 If JoshsMagic is unable to carry out your booked event due to circumstances outside of his control such as illness, severe weather conditions or severe traffic/accidents your deposit will be refunded in full, or the booking re-arranged. Please contact us prior to the party if there are any known planned events or road works in your area that may affect us on the day of the event.

 Please note that although I don’t mind being photographed, I do not allow myself to be videotaped at all

please be aware that JoshsMagic will hold your personal details (name, address, telephone number and also the amount you paid) for 5 years for tax assessments

please keep a copy of the terms and conditions for your records

 Fire and other Dangerous Magic effects will be used in the performance and it is the clients responsibility to complete all necessary checks with the venue owners. If these checks have not been actioned (e.g. fire alarms going off during fire eating) this will be the clients responsibility and will not fall to the entertainer 

Please be aware that ALL shows will be recorded to comply with insurance, quality management and for promotional material, if you wish for the show not  to be used for any promotional material please inform JoshsMagic. Without informing JoshsMagic within 7 days of receiving the Ts&Cs by email you consent that all attendees can be photographed, filmed and or otherwise recorded for any use, and waive all rights you/they may have to any claims for payments or royalties in connection with any media or other publications of these materials JoshsMagic can provide consent forms if necessary.

 Please note your £50 deposit is nonrefundable unless the booking is canceled by JoshsMagic where the total balance paid will be refunded. Bookings canceled by the client within 7 days prior to the show starting no moneys will be refunded and will be claimed by JoshsMagic due to loss of earnings unless JoshsMagic can find another show. If JoshsMagic can find another show you moneys will be refunded less the booking fee.

please be aware during extreme heat JoshsMagic is unable to provide balloons as they will pop during inflation

 not every person will get a souvenir from the show

please be aware that bookings cancelled by the client due to extreme weather, national morning and act of terrorism. Will not be refunded. But will be given the option for a second date instead or a JoshsMagic credit note

From April 2018 JoshsMagic invoice numbers will be reset so your  invoice respite  may not follow on

Please note that JoshsMagic Ts&Cs do get updated from time to time it is the clients reasonability to check the Ts&Cs online  if you do not agree with the new terms please contact 24hours before the show if there is no contact then you automaticly agree with all terms

please be advised if you wish to have a payment receipt please contact joshsmagic and one will be send when full balance has been received

 Please note failure to pay by the dates issued on the invoice can result in to late payment fees of up to £100.00 and can be taken to court in which can affect your credit rating / and can result in to losing your booking and any moneys payed.


If you have any queries at all, please

e-mail:  / or telephone josh on 07389137505


We would like to thank you for your booking and look forward to meeting you!

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