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Schools and Nurseries

JoshsMagic can provide magical workshops for children aged 3-12 years. All of our workshops are interactive and are designed for children to learn in a creative way.

Leon and the place between

We have designed a special workshop based on the story

“ Leon and the place between”
The workshop is designed in 2 parts.
 The first part is our 45 minute magic show, which includes

lots of different tricks and fun ways for the children to be

involved. JoshsMagic will perform as the apprentice in the

story and perform his magic to the children. This gives the

teachers the opportunity to get the children to write a

review to the main character and say why JoshsMagic would

be a great apprentice for him.

The next part of the workshop would be to take the children in smaller groups and teach them some tricks. This would last around an hour per group. Therefore allowing everything to be done on the same day and not over the course of a week, where children may forget things they have seen.


Tiny Tots workshop (age 3-5 years)

This workshop contains lot's of interactive fun and games.The children get to do some magical colouring, learn some magical words and even get to make a magical cake with real eggs-yummy!
The workshop is idea for nurseries and for any special occassions being held, we can add party games and dancing at no extra cost.

Mini Magician workshop ( age 5-12 years)

This workshop is designed to not only show the children some awsome magic tricks, but to also teach them how magic came about.We incorporate this by telling a short story, including lot's of famous magicians.How many can you name?

JoshsMagic offer's fantastic rates for these workshop's and also offer discounts to those who book with us more than once.

Taster session's are also available-please contact us if this is of interest to you.

Leon and the place between
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