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Close-Up Magic


Why hire JoshsMagic    to perform magic at your restaurant?


If you want to find a way to keep your customers coming back again and again then hiring a magician is the answer!


 Table magic keeps your customers entertained whilst their meal is being prepared and really useful during busy periods, where tables have long waiting times for food. JoshsMagic can help make sure things run smoothly by astounding your diners with tricks, illusions and amusing banter.


Magic provides additional value to the dining experience and gives the customers another reason to come back to your establishment.


Also, advertising a magic night is a great selling point and will attract large groups and therefore more customers for you!


JoshsMagic has been a professional, award winning magician for over 15 years, has performed internationally and has also been seen on TV.

Whats in the show!

In the show you will get comedy, mind reading, transportation, fun, sweets, danger, fire, ice and water. Everything to leave your new and old customers baffled, amazed and amused. Each table will take home a magical reminder of the night.

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